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2011 年 9 月 17 日

Feel it would be kinda boring to keep writing this blog in one single language. Try English this time.
For all those who can’t really understand English, my apology.
Cuz I am not a native English speaker as all u guys might know, so please don’t pick out all the grammar mistakes.
Things work as normal. First couple week feels just like last semester.In mailroom, packages pile everywhere. Ppl just like to order their textbook online these days.
Which is kinda annoying cuz I have to deal with all the scanning stuff.
Other than that, everything works as it should.
For the classes I enrolled this semester. I got like RLS270, which is a Christianity class.
The prof just keep talking about all the Christian and Orthodox thing. All terminology. Confuse as hell.
No Christian back ground FTW.
For other class. CSE214 is hard as hell, again. Same shit happened to the CSE114.
The first program homework was like….
It literally took me around 24 hrs to figure out how to do that. Jesus Christ! This is not cool at all.
AMS classes were…. typical things. Classes, notes, homeworks. etc..
I actually enrolled the AMS316 at the beginning.
And all my friends and I just simply found out that we r totally in a wrong class.
AMS316 has a prerequisite for AMS311, which I am taking this semester, and AMS315, which I had never took before.
In this case, AMS316 really sucks for us. Time series.
Jesus I have no idea why they have to use all those weird software for this class.
AMS311 is pretty cool. Just like a harder version of AMS310. Not a big deal for me.
AMS318 is like…. a Business class or a Economic class. Everything is about money… $$ lolz
At the beginning, which is now, it’s okay. Not that hard. But I heard some of my friends said that it would become much harder later.
Hopefully it would be fine.
AMS410… This sounds really cool. 400 Level class. Actuarial Mathematics.
This is focus on the SOA Exam. The P one. Possibility. So far looks good to me.
Not terribly difficult.
Oh. I know what should I talk about. I changed my major again couple days ago.
Yeah. I know. Again.
From Physics to AMS (To all you guys don’t know what AMS is, it’s Apply Mathematics and Statistics).
I was thinking about double a CSE (Computer Science) as well.
But I can’t cuz my CSE114 and CSE215 are not good enough for that. :(
What is really weird is that the computer science department only require exactly CSE114 and CSE215.
This means that even I got an A in CSE214, I still can’t get into CSE department. All I can do is retake CSE114..
This apparently is the weirdest thing in the universe. I didn’t fail the CSE114 and I have to retake it.
What’s worse part is that even I can do better in a harder class, they still think that I am such a retarded guy that I can’t manage the easier one.
How annoying is this.
In this case, CSE minor is the only option for me right now. I guess I will consider whether I will retake CSE114 later or not.
Get into AMS is much easier. Arkins is a nice prof. And I am a nice student as well.
These means that things just go as smooth as possible. AWESOME.
Oh well, did I just forget the hurricane Irene?
That was hmm, kinda fun. Living in the campus can’t really feel the power of Irene.
I heard that ppl who lives at long island has serious power issue. No electricity sucks.
Anyhow. I think this should ends here.
I think next time this will be in Chinese again. So all those who cannot understand English, don’t worried.
I got u covered. xD